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Music Academy

With so many talented pupils attending our classes we have decided to merge our Musical Theatre / Popstars classes to create a Musical Theatre / Pop Choir. Following a vocal warm up we work to build a fabulous repertoire in 2 or3 part harmony using Musical Theatre / Popular Music genres. These songs are generally staged for performance. 

All pupils are encouraged to take examinations with the London College of Music during the summer term although for higher grades and Pop Vocal exams pupils are usually required to arrange a few private lessons in addition to group lessons to fine tune their technique / exam preparations.

Joanna teaches private Piano, Violin, Pop Singing & Musical Theatre to children and adults from her home in East Cowes. Lessons can either be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. All pupils are encouraged to learn to read music using the Stave House Music Method which for younger pupils has catchy songs, uses a magnetic board with wonderful characters and puppets which makes music reading fun and most importantly, easy! For more information on this method please visit

Private pupils are given the opportunity to take exams, compete in festivals and perform in our shows when the time is right for them.

Joanna teaches in a welcoming, relaxed manner and enjoys building her pupils’ confidence skills and technical ability.

Lessons are £16.00 (30 minutes), £24.00 (45 minutes) or £32.00 (1 hour). 

24 hours notice must be given for cancellation.

If you are an Island school looking for expert Music Tuition in either Class Music, Piano, Violin, Singing or a Choir then please get in touch. 

Joanna at Fusion Arts Academy has a fabulous system in place that will help your students flourish! We can invoice parents directly saving your administration teams’ precious time. 

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